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on a balcony in summer air...

So my brother bought me the taylor swift cd and its so good, I cannot stop listening to it. Its too adorable for words......................................

The past few days have been ok, lots of random occurences such as:
-driving to tunkannok with mitch. He's adorable...(I don't think I spelled that right...tunkahannokaakakak)
-finding the tape from the all night party in high school, and it not working!! Im so pissed, hopefully I can fix it
-tinted windows??
-attempting to make pot brownies with colleen, sadly we didn't have enough pot so they were pretty weak. Yea, we suck...
-it occured to me yesterday that I haven't had sex in 5 months now...
I wish I was a virgin, or a whore. Lol.
-a bunch of whales and dolphins were beached on an australian shore a few days ago... this made me sad:( but they ended up saving most of them. So that's good.
-i realized that I hate my parrot fish because I cannot put any other fish in my tank because he kills and eats them, even the ones that the pet stores and the internet say are compatible. Im renaming him Gacy. He's pshychotic.
Aaannnddd that's it I think, so not that many... but enough.

Today is sunday, and I did a whole lot of nothing except for changing my clocks back (minus my cell phone because it has a mind of its own)
I ended up sleeping in til like 2pm because I was off work and was a little hungover from saturday night. Sleep is great though, and it was a rainy dreary day, so there was not much to do anyway.
Pretty uneventful weekend and week for that matter. Just worked and hung around like a slug.

Its been warm out though! So that's exciting. I can't wait for summer!!

Friday night I went out with lori and dan to the jazz cafe!! I have not been there in ages, and it was a pretty good time. Good music! I wished allison was there though:( such good times there...Then we went to old tyme charlies for a little while which was also pretty cool...and really smoky. Lori didn't have fun. I don't think she likes good music. Ahaha. Im kidding. Olive juice.
I got a little drunk, and I was suprised and happy that dan knew the words to I am the walrus. Anyone who can sing that song with me is ok in my book...

Then saturday was kind of boring. I worked. And then I went home and went to walmart to buy my mother goldfish for her tank. The lady who got the fish kept burping and farting up a storm, it was disgusting, but hilarious. She kept apologizing as if it was ok. I can't even explain this through writing. Then me and mand got drunk on malibu bay breezzzeeesss and watched clueless. 'You're a virgin who can't drive'
So yeah... fun times.

Oh and I had to explain to my aunt what a camel toe was... lololololol

I also talked to christopher who is currently in kentucky. He informed me that they are playing bamboozle in new jersey in may with friggen no doubt, the used, tbs, and SUM 41... what a blast from the past!!!!!! Its too awesome for words that they are playing with those bands. I really miss him and frank and high school. We had the best times ever its ridiculous. I can't wait until he gets home because this not seeing him for months garbage is really getting to me. I wanna try to go to bamboozle though if there are still tickets. Tix are 72 dollars for one day... gay.

Jacks mannequin is comming to the U for the spring concert though, so that's awesome!! I miss something corporate.

I can't wait to go to hawaii and see fitz... only six more weeks!!!

'Marry me juliet, you'll never have to be alone. I love you and that's all I really know. I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress, its a love story, baby just say yes'.

And im spent.


Today was quite a day...
And for some reason I was apparently hot today. While at work some old guy gave me five dollars for 'being adorable', my coworker rob gave me endless compliments. One was 'you would look hot in pink' lmao wtf. He's a horrible flirt. AND a blast from the past called and asked me out on a date, you couldn't imagine how shocked I was, and sort of excited... so wow. What a day. It was like living in the twilight zone... fo shiz.

Work was ok. I have to do it again tomorrow morning at 8am. I hate getting up early...:( :( :( :(

Also mr fitzpatrick called me with AMAZING news!! But I won't mention it just yet because I don't know how it will turn out... I am excited:) and I totally love him :D

Mermaids is such an awesome movie... I love cher.

Act your age and not your shoe size. Hahahaha
Josh sucks bigtime.

I need to go to new york asap. Im sick of this place hardcore.
Ugh sorry for the randomness...
And im spent.

Feb. 28th, 2009

Oh what a day...

We're getting MORE snow:(, so everyone acts like its the apocalypse, or that we live in the dark ages and are going to be snowed in for months... im just sick of getting my shoes wet.

Work was awful.

I have nothing of importance to say.

And im spent.

friday morning... still awake

Its like 10am and im stillll up. I hate not sleeping. What a miserable night.

I started reading confessions of a shopaholic, and its a pretty good time, so what if it will make me semi retarded...danielle...(you's a dick)
I am never drinking yager again, or at least not in mass quantities, im not a fan of vomiting, let alone projectile vomiting.
O blast.

I need a new life.
I need to go back to school... ya like that will ever happen.
I am absolutely bored to tears, I miss work! There I said it. Im pretty much counting down the days because at least I will have something to do. And ill have cash money!! Tomorrow get here asap.

My record player started being a huge bitch again. Im at my wits end with the friggen thing.

I really wish coney island hotdogs was still open because I am dying for a chili dog... *random thoughts*

I love when fitz says 'have a guess'... :)

Im gonna write a book called 'are you there tangurey? Its me corrine'
Ok... chelsea handler all ready did that... but with vodka. Yuck vodka yuck.

I just remembered I have to mail some shit today...
And how about there is a 'cheese of the month club'? Lol. My lovely friend caleb signed me up for it. Wtf. Unless they're sending me free cheese Im not interested...

Chris didn't call me in three days... what the eff. He knows im bored as fuck and he doesn't even bother to fill me in on his adventures. That shit is getting an angry text message... I wish I was traveling all over the country. Im jealous. I wish I was talented.

I guess im done because this post is pretty nonsenscical and pointless... o...my...gawd

Fact: bears eat beets.

And im spent.

if I had a million dollars...

I wouldn't buy an emu or even a real green dress...
Id pay every single one of my bills in full...
Id give my family a buttload to split amongst themselves...
Id give lo gibbs a buttload of money for whatever...
And then I would get the fuck out of here and never look back.

Im pretty bummed.
Money is awful because I have none. I can't afford ANYTHING. My electric is going to get shut off. Just everything is wrong, and everything is going bad.
Goddamn, what a bummer...
Im just hoping ill be able to sort out this mess im in in the comming weeks.

it was nice out today though, so that was cool. Im looking forward to the summer.
It even kind of smelled like summer outside. That's exciting.

I need a bottle of gin and a lobotomy.

And im spent.

swimming with the dolphins

Today is george harrisons birthday. He would have been 66 years old.
Happy birthday george!

Fitz has an irrational fear of dolphins. I've never heard this. He swears that if he swam with them there would be "one rogue dolphin that didn't get the memo on not attacking people"...
He makes me lol.
He called to say he's drunk but not "corrine drunk" and wearing a red bandana(banana). I wish I was there with him instead of here. He makes me so happy.
O welly well...
My head feels much better.
Thank heavens.

And im spent.

I hate when dreams seem so real

I just woke up.
And I had a dream that I 'stumbled' upon a first edition yesterday and today butcher cover album.

What a let down...
And how random...

Mind! What are you trying to tell me!

Oh, and FYI
It really helps sinus pain if you rub vicks vapor rub on your forehead(I know right), but it makes your forehead really greasy.(as if you didn't all ready guess)
I feel like a little old lady
Today was awful. All I did was sleep. I have zero energy and im dizzy as all hell. My eyes also feel like they are trying to escape from my head. Fuck you sinus infection!
My new best friend is a box of vicks tissues, my head feels like its going to explode. I can't handle it... it feels like a jose cuervo hangover.
But these tissues rock...
Whoever made them should win the nobel prize.

I hate being sick so much, its this retarded weather. Mother nature needs to make up her friggen mind.
I suppose there couldn't be a better week for me to be sick though because I have absolutely no work... not even one day. I got my schedule for the next two weeks and im going to be working nonstop. How is that logical? Having an entire week off, then working twelve days in a row? I don't understand this life.

I wanna see that movie drillbit taylor. Owen wilson=awesomeness

Im comming to the realization that I really need to stop smoking(cigarettes). They make me feel like shit. It would be so much easier if I didn't truly enjoy them, and if they weren't so cool. Whoever says that smoking is not cool is so wrong. Smoking is hollywood, its rock n roll, its the definition of awesome. I compiled a list of awesome people who smoke or who have smoked in the past
-the beatles(mostly john lennon)
-james dean
-may west(can u say hellz yeah?)
-hunter thompson(he had a never ending cigarette permanently attached to his lip)
-john wayne
-johnny depp
-jack kerouac
The list is never ending.
The truth is this... smoking is cool, and you should do it if you want to be cool. But you shouldn't do it if u enjoy having a strong immune system, or waking up in the morning and not coughing like a feind. Don't do it also because of the whole premature ageing thing, black lungs and cancer(granted u can get cancer from anything now, but you get the point). Ugh...
I've tried and failed so many times. But I gotta stop. Ill just have to start drinking more I guess. Heheh.

I need to gallop out to a wooded glen and punch dance out my rage.

And im spent.
Its monday.
And the only reason I left the house today was to buy some string cheese... I love string cheese.
Im so unmotivated, mostly because of this weather. Im soooo tired of it being soooo cold. And the wind! Its insane.

I was semi productive today though, I FINALLY fixed my record player completely! The hours of splicing wires and cursing at the thing were starting to really get to me, but today it gave in and actually worked and I couldn't be happier. The fact that I now have scratchy old vinyl that actually sounds good makes my heart palpitate with glee, and just laying around relaxing to it is my mantra... jai guru deva ommm....

I was sans work again today, but that's not anything new...
I need a buttload of money for my car payments, and the electric bill, and my cell phone. It occured to me that there is only one reason I pay my cell phone bill... If I don't get to hear that voice everyday ill go mad. I never thought it was possible to be addicted to another human being... but it is. Congratulations universe, you proved me wrong again.

I really want to go horse back riding.

And I don't care what anyone says, that crazy eyed cupcake dog is hilarious...

And im spent.

she's my faithful brandy alexander

Im drunk...
And I love brandy alexanders. and I love nutmeg... the only thing bad about the two is that they do not last long.

Blackbird fly, into the light of the dark black night...

Tomorrow is monday, and I have nothing to do but sit and wait...

And im spent.